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2012 Juke airbag failure logo 3/12/2015 todd_r

This Juke was bought new. The juke is fun, unique shaped. I like the Juke overall. It is speedy when needed, etc. The original sticker and ads say 37mpg in big numbers and words. No matter if is in eco or turbo mode(default setting), the MPG is 25 on the highway(70 degrees outside and no ac on, no rain, all highway no traffic lights), and 20 in the city. Read the fine print on the window sticker of all Nissans. The fine print says 21. The car has 19,000 and requires new tires. Most tires last 40kWell, as far as factory support, I took it in for a factory recall. The timing chain is to be replaced. This requires an oil drain and refill the oil. This an oil change without a new oil filter. No free filter included. 3/13/17 addition:A different car ran a stop sign across 6 lanes of traffic, directly in front of the Juke, while the Juke was going 40mph. No airbag deployed. Nissan says if the seat belt works( as stated in the owner's manual), then the air bag may or may not deploy. Everybody but Nissan thinks it should have deployed. Ripped muscles, whiplash, severe concussion.

Average Rating : 4


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