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2012 Sonata Limited Turbo with Nav (Excellent Value) logo 5/13/2015 zoomzoom27

I bought this car used about six months ago, and I must say it feels and drives like a much more expensive car then the one I paid for. I have owned BMWs, Nissans and Toyotas in the past and I feel this is a better car. The turbo 4 cylinder engine really does feel like a V6, I have a V6 Toyota Venza and I know what I am talking about. This thing Just takes off without any fuss, granted the engine only had 16K miles when I bought this car. Anyone planning on buying turbo model, keep in mind, this car requires 91 octane or higher, and synthetic oil changes, which is little more mony, but it will keep your car working for years to come.This is my 1st hyundai product and it gets 5 from me.

Favorite Feature : Turbo engine, nav, backup cam, mpg.

Suggested Improvement : none...

Average Rating : 5


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