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2013 explorer sport shortcomings logo 8/26/2015 Evan Edwards

Have a 2013 ford explorer sport black on black. Fantastic looking vehicle and have been pleased overall until the warranty ran out. Currently at 38000 which is 2000 over. Basically one month. Ac compressor locked up and caused belt to break which left vehicle without power steering and had to be towed. Ford said " too bad out of warranty, you owe $1100. ". Vehicle is 2.5 years old. This does not seem to be a normal item to malfunction so early on and am very disappointed that Ford is taking position of no responsibility. The sync system is as bad as others say. Never worked as advertised which had been a major incentive to buy the vehicle. Also the rear parking aid stopped working and I considered that to be a minor concern but perhaps it's more indicative of future things to come. I was happy that ford had turned things around in 2009 and felt good about the purchase but not anymore. Can't imagine what I would do had the transmission failed instead of just the ac.

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