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2013 Fiat Sport Manual Black on Black w/Leather Seats logo 3/22/2015 packers14

We purchased this little beauty new on 12/29/13, so we have owned it now for 15 months. The wife is 5'2" and I am 5'11". We both fit comfortably whether driving or riding. The wife is the primary driver and loves everything about this car, the look (with the chrome appearance package) the acceleration (with the manual), the ride comfort (with the leather seating), the upright seating position for a great all around view, and the wonderful handling. The Sport model is the Fiat 500 to get. The Sport model offers much better handling than the Pop model, but does not diminish ride comfort, especially when the leather seating upgrade is included. Also, huge difference with "stick" vs "auto".

Favorite Feature : After driving the Pop, the Sport, and then a Sport model with a leather seating upgrade option, we decided that we wanted three things for sure if we were going to purchase the Fiat 500, the Sport model, the manual transmission, and the leather seating option. The wife was also interested in the sun roof, but I was leaning more toward the Beats audio system upgrade option. Besides, the sun roof lowered the interior ceiling height, so we went with the Beats. We found the exact combo of items we wanted, at a dealer in WV (Charleston), and at a great deal ($19k out the door with 0% int. for 60 months). We have had the car for over a year and the wife loves her little Fiat more each day.

Suggested Improvement : Reachability of seat belts when first trying to grab them after getting in car.

Average Rating : 4.875


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