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2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid From hell logo 8/22/2015 Artur Hovsepian

What can i really say to sum this all up...Worst car i have ever owned.- I had to take this car in to the dealership at 999 miles and have probably been back to the dealership 40 times ( now at 36k miles). So many build quality issues, servicing issues, Recalls and just in general things either falling apart or the wrong parts being used from the manufacturer.I had to take my car in the first week because of Build quality issues. The panels were not sitting properly, the Rear window of the car was warped and needed to be replaced, the cars trunk was not aligned properly with the rest of the car.... NOTHING Was aesthetically pleasing. This was my first American car and it will be my last. I Do not understand how I can have so many recalls and so many visits to the dealership with problems. They break things, Cause check engine lights, take a week to make any repair and always have the worst customer service skills.

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