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2013 trd sport logo 6/11/2015 joeguy

bought it certified pre owned; with 13k miles, and 100k warranty, saved 30%. mine is not a 4x4; but, I'm not an off roader. No, it isn't a Tundra deluxe, but I like it. very comfortable ride; better than an SUV, great truck for those who want the best of both worlds. I don't do much hauling; if you want heavy duty, look for a Tundra, but for every day family use and utility; this is great.

Favorite Feature : air blows cold, sound system very good, but I hardly use it. I like to hear what's going on outside. comfortable v6 ride. plenty of storage; beats an SUV. Aluminum engine very pretty.

Suggested Improvement : Truck shifts down automatically when you release the gas pedal. hard to coast. not my favorite feature. transmission is a little punchy; could use a tad more torque, would be perfect. certainly not a v8- but an improvement over 4 banger.

Average Rating : 5


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