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2014 Avalon Limited logo 4/28/2015 Bruce Colman

Bought it new last fall, should have been an amazing product. This winter the battery died, discovered it was a known problem with the Canadian dealer, lots of cars coming in on tow trucks with a battery with a bad cell. GPS system is useless, a five year old $150 Garmin has more features and is easier to use. I actually use a Gamin window mount GPS on road trips.The most discouraging part is the rattles in the roof, dealer has tried to fix them, some were loose wires to the sunroof.Side mirrors do not always return to normal after backing up and going forward.

Favorite Feature : Powerful drive train, and handles well for a large car. Terrific trunk space, HID lighting and radar cruise work. While appearance is not a major factor for myself, it is an good looking car, inside and out.

Suggested Improvement : Expanding spend on quality control, the car is made in North America and shows it. Rattles, bad battery.Get a real GPS system from Garmin, or at least upgrade this one to basic Garmin features.

Average Rating : 3.5


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