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2014 Corolla S Plus - New Transmission at 30k Miles logo 5/2/2015 ash02050

I drive about 30k mi a year. Was buying my first new car & needed a safe & reliable vehicle for my 70 mile commute plus driving obscene distances working as a Child Protective Services Worker. I got the S Plus with nav, smart key & sunroof. Car started rattling 1 month in. Couldn't replicate noise so no fix. Nav screen starts zooming out on its own...something got stuck between screen & frame. Bent a rim. Tire & Rim Warranty won't replace. Brought car in for 30k mile service & because I was hearing a whining noise...Toyota replaces entire transmission! Extremely alarming. The car drives fine. Does what I need it to do and more. Currently at 34k miles & plan to drive it into the ground.

Favorite Feature : Sunroof & smart key. The navigation and audio system in general are meh at best. All of the safety features are reassuring. I love the white exterior with tinted windows and the black rims look. The headlights are amazingly bright. Overall the car has been a great car. I like being able to know I can get in my car and go anywhere with no worries. I haven't driven it in snow yet (live in Florida but from Vermont) but I plan on it. I have driven it through some pretty deep flood water and torrential downpours with no issues. I would highly recommend this vehicle. I think it would definitely be a better deal certified used versus brand new. As I definitely overpaid... Ya live and ya learn.

Suggested Improvement : Overall build quality. I've heard of there being "kinks" to work out with the first model year after a re-design...I hope I didn't buy a defective car. I asked my Toyota dealer how many 2014 Corolla's they have replaced the transmission on and my service advisor replied "I haven't seen a transmission replaced on any Corolla in a long time". So I'm not sure if I had a fluke CVT or if it was my use of the paddle shifters navigating my congested commute.

Average Rating : 4.125


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