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2014 CX5 2.5 Touring logo 6/17/2015 pmacx5

Its been 2 yrs/ 20K miles and it still deliveries the fun to drive with perfect Reliability. I service my cx5 at the dealer. first service @5k $40, second @10K free, third@15K $55, fourth@20K $60. Owning a Lexus, BMW, and Nissan, we seem to drive the CX5 everywhere. Avg., MPGs when new was at 23-24, mix driving - after we hit 4-5K we avg., 27mpg. On trips 300+ miles on cruise control holding 70mph we avg., 31mpg. I have a BMW 42K price tag and the Mazda matches the steering & Balance character of it. We have been very Happy with the Cx5. If I had any CONS: it would be the the bluetooth, its quirky & it needs a little sound deadening padding like Lexus. other than that, Its a great buy

Favorite Feature : "Balance/Layout/Drivers Feed Back"After Driving my other Pricer cars, BMW/Lexus, Driving the CX5 does not disappoint. I love how Mazda gets it right with the up shifts, pull back, Down Shifts - Push Up - Radio controls on the steering wheel on the Left not on the right. Small Details, but any real car enthusiast will under stand that. BMW, Porsche Audi Etc get it, Honda, Toyota Nissan ETC don't. Again small details - but that is what makes it stand out different from the Competitors.

Suggested Improvement : What they need to learn from Lexus/ sound deadening.I under stand Mazda is about making light weight fun to drive cars, but in this area, Mazda takes very small steps on sound deadening.??? Very small cons, But my number one CON would be DEALER Support. Mazda Dealers, well in California/LA are Small and second hand. Again, just my Opinion.

Average Rating : 4.625


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