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2014 JKU 4x4 Highly disappointed logo 8/30/2015 Ljku

I was over the moon when I purchased my jeep. That soon ended when within the first week I had to take it back to the dealer due to a bad fan. Dealer claimed it was a factory defect. Two months later my check engine light came on for a day and went off. Checked the code and it was for a cylinder 6 misfire. Thought it may have been caused by bad fuel. About a month later we got some heavy rain and my driver side floor board was full of water( 1/2inch). I had taken the top off maybe 3 times since I had the jeep and thought maybe I didn't put it back on properly. My husband and I took it off and readjusted it. Another rain storm came and soaked the floor once again. Took it in to the dealer and said it was due to a foam piece that needed to be replaced at the top of the roof by the driver door. Needless to say that didn't work. The foam didn't even stay on. Took it in for a second time and all they did was replace the foam again. The service tech kept telling me how temperamental the hard tops are and insinuated I wasn't putting the top back on properly even though I hadn't touched it since taking it to them the first time. He then proceeded to show me where the drain plug was under the driver seat in case it took on too much water. I thought he was joking. Again replacing the foam didn't work. Took it in for the third time and they kept it for 3 days and said it was due to something with the frame and part of the hard top not being square. About a month later I had no leaks and hadn't even taken the top off due to fear of it leaking again. That seemed to have been fixed. A couple weeks roll around and my check engine light is on again for a cylinder 6 misfire. Took it in to the dealer and they said it was due to software updates that needed to be done on my jeep so they did the updates. Here we are about 2 weeks later and the check engine light is on yet again. I'm scheduled to take it in this week and here what they have to say. Bottom line I've taken it in soon to be 6 times in the first year of owning it. Save yourself the heartache and money and don't buy this vehicle.

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