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2014 MDX logo 5/3/2015 chris441

I would steer clear of this redesigned MDX. I looked at a few different Suv's before purchasing my "New "MDX". Was thrilled to have my first ACURA. What a rattle trap it has become. Noises from the front to back. Engine has strange noises. Interior trim coming loose. Made an appointment with the purchasing dealer only to have them tell me it needed tires.(21,000 miles) and alignment. Could not find the noises. Said if I came back and purchased a set of new tires $1300.00 they would look at it some more. Talked to Acura about this and they said it was a dealer issue and I would have to take care of it by working it out with the dealer. What happened to my warranty?? No more Acura's for me!

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