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2014 Silverado Liz 4x4 logo 9/2/2015 Sal Gomez

I I bought this truck last year and I've been having a lot of problems with the transmission and the dealer is saying that it is normal because they already worked on it twice and it only has 1600 miles. well thats only one of the problems the other problem is the paint. when I bought it I noticed that fender had a weird mark so I took it to a body shop and they told me the fender was painted, and yes, it was new from moss bross in Moreno Valley ca when I bought. The dealer is blaming some other dealer for the problem they are willing to paint it but I bought it new, so I expect new. The other problem is the driver seat is loose and was will move when I break, The dealer fixed it, and all the recalls were checked. By the way I contacted GM and it looks like they work for the dealer because they don't even wants to look at paint problem. Dosent GM have to backup their product?

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