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2014 sonic- a/c and heat logo 9/12/2015 Linette Thesing

I love my car for the most part. II purchased it June 2014. Right away I noticed that it felt like there was a vent open whenever I used the a/c. When I brought vehicle to dealership to put on license plates I mentioned it to them. They checked things over but couldn't find anything. I brought it back in a couple of more times that summer for same issue. They never could find anything wrong. The computer showed everything working correctly. Then it started to get cold (I live in mn). That's when I noticed the windows foggy up on the inside. Again,couldn't find anything wrong. The snow came and so did the ice on the I was driving with defroster on. I took pictures and sent to dealership. They finally were able to tell me that GM designed the car this way. They adjusted the vents and that did help a little. I keep a blanket in my car because one side of me (left side by window) freezes and the other side gets too hot. I don't even bother using the a/c as it just pulls hot air in.

Average Rating : 4


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