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2014 Subaru Forester using oil logo 6/17/2016 Laura

Well, thinking about trading my 2014 Forester in for something else...undecided. At 40,000 miles, I am now up to using a quart of oil in about 3000 miles. I've been having some usage, about a 1/2 quart prior, but now up to the quart stage. Terrible! So very disappointing! I had heard such great reviews on this vehicle, and now I have to pay attention to the sound. I can tell when it starts to get low, and stop and get a quart. Keeping a quart with me at all times. I have my class action suit papers here on my desk. I shouldn't even have to read all these sheets of paper, as I paid good money, and still paying! I will fill them out!!!! Now what do I buy in it's place. I did so much research to come to the Subaru conclusion, now I have to start all over!

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