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2014 Subaru Outback Limited vs 2015 logo 7/1/2015 jsaine

We bought a 2014 red with black Outback. Really wanted white with black but that combination wasn't available for 2014. Naturally, the 2015 came out with white/black after we had made our purchase. So, in order to get our preferred color, get the new features not available in 2014, and to get back to a zero mileage car, we traded in the 14 on a new 15.While the 14 Limited was/is a great car, the 15 is even better. For prospective buyers, my real time mpg in the 14 was around 28 mpg in mixed driving. 60mph road trips got mpg as high as 33. As the miles increased on the car (traded in with 23000 miles), mpg seemed to improve. No problems mechanically at all.

Favorite Feature : The new features on the 15 we really enjoy are the memory seats, rear heated seats, and a much improved functionality of the climate controls and technological features. Much bigger screen for back up camera is also great. Power lift rear gate and rear handles for back seat release are also appreciated. Downside: wood trim in Limited is not nearly as pretty as 14. Red lettered compass in rear view mirror looks like a police red light in a casual glance. Under deck storage in back was reduced to make more above deck cargo room.The blind spot warning feature on the 15 we're still getting used to. Definitely not a substitute for good driving habits.Overall, big improvements for 15.

Suggested Improvement : Return to classic wood trim in future production. Change color of letters on rear view mirror compass. Seek ways to improve under deck storage capacity for things like flashlights, jumper cables, first aid kit, etc.Overall, for little to no increase in msrp from 14 to 15, the 15 is a bargain. But, for the prospective buyer of a 14, you have nothing to fear. It is a great car with great features. Just not as many as a 2015 Limited.

Average Rating : 4.5


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