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2015 Altima 2.5 S - squeaky brakes logo 4/26/2016 Mary C

4/27/16 update - Went to Nissan dealer in Gardena, CA this morning and spoke directly to the mechanic. Now he knows about brakes. They were nice enough to put my car up on the rack and take the back brakes off. Usually this is where most of the noise is coming from. I had my husband with me of course to really understand all this. My husband tape recorded the squeaky brake noise. Mechanic explained to me that everything looks good. Now regarding the squeaking noise when the car is cold, he said around 2013-14 Nissan was using brakes that had asbestos material in it. Per Federal regulations, Nissan stopped using this and switched it with copper material brakes. Lots of people are complaining about the squeaky brakes. They can lubricate the situation but it is only temporary. Unless you get squeaky brake noise on the street and everytime you brake, then this is another issue. My issue is only squeaky brake noise when the car is cold. I don't know if any other new cars 2015 on are having the same squeaky brake problem? Before I seriously think of trading my car in for a Camry, I might try later on to switch out the brakes with another better quality brand (not Nissan) and see how I like these. Dealer will only use Nissan brand. Purchased my 1st new 2015 Altima and after 10 months when brakes are cold they squeal loudly where ever you are. It is so loud everyone turns their head to see what car is making all that noise. Both in reverse and going forward. It sounds like you need new brakes but the car is only 10 months old. I had it checked by mechanic and they said they have received lots of complaints of squeaky brakes. Had the dirt blown out of them. Noise stopped for a few weeks but continues a year later. I was told some people have changed out their brakes but loud squeal noise continues. I am going to take it to a couple more places and get their opinion. If this noise does not stop, i may trade it in for a Toyota Camry. Very disappointed.

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