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2015 Corollary LE Plus fits the bill. logo 9/10/2015 Jonathan Tuck

I needed a replacement for the 2013 prius c I had been leasing and when Toyota sent me an offer to end my lease early for another Toyota vehicle I decided it wouldn't hurt to just look. I had been doing research on the new Corolla as it comes with features my Prius C didn't have - fog lights, rear camera and heated mirrors - all important here in New England. Took an LE Plus for a test and was pleasantly surprised at the acceleration and handling. While it might not be a Mazda 3, having now put almost 4k miles on it including a 1500 mile trip mostly highway, I can't complain about my average of 44mpg combined. I'm not a lead foot but getting that kind of highway mileage when having to keep up with the flow of traffic I consider to be pretty good considering my Prius c only got 46-48 highway and my wife's full size prius gets about 53. It's not unusual to be able to get 50 on our country roads and state highways. For a larger person the comfort is good and there is plenty of interior room - even the back seats are comfortable. In what I was looking for regarding performance, reliability, comfort and trunk space with the added benefit of Toyota's always spectacular gas mileage I have no complaints. While it isn't the sporty car some want, has perhaps less room than for others and not all the fancy techno toys the rest may want - instead of excelling in any or all categories rather it performs well in most. An above average car that gives reliable and comfortable transportation at a reasonable price with exceptional mileage thrown in as a bonus. Maybe not the car for those with the most discriminating tastes - but for the rest of us just perhaps exactly what we were looking for - and that's how and why Toyota designed the Corolla the way they have.

Average Rating : 5


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