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2015 dissapointment logo 6/13/2017 Janice

I have had my Ford Edge for less than 2 years, 17months to the day that my transmission went out on it, I bought it brand new sometimes I drive 1,0000 miles a week, all highway miles, but I usually get rid of vehicles around 75,000 to stay away from big problems. So 17 months new, and I'm driving down the road and the transmission starts spinning .. my transmission completely broke at 60,979 miles so as you may know 3 yr /60,000 mile warranty didn't cover it since it was 979 miles out of the warranty, it was gone for 1 month at the Ford garage they ended up rebuilding it finally just now got it back, and I hate that I just spent 3,500+ with a rental car another 1,000 + a monthly payment of 665.00 when I don't have it for the whole month it was gone for 29 days :( I would have never imagined a transmission would go out at 60,000 miles being that there is no Service to the transmission due to 150,000 miles .I argued with them saying it was their fault my stock tires should never outlast a transmission. I guess I'm just really disappointed this is why I always buy new cars so bad things don't happen to them the lady at the dealership pretty much told me I should've bought the extended warranty, so if you didn't think I was mad enough when she said that you can imagine how po'd I was.I have never kept vehicles over 75,000 miles because the small stuff starts happening but apparently with this something huge happened at 60,979 miles. Just really disappointed with the whole situation.

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