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2015 Dodge Aero Dart logo 9/8/2015 JLB

When I bought this car, it seemed nice. Traded in a 2010 Dodge Charger because I wanted better gas mileage and safer winter driving (it was rear-wheel drive - in Denver CO). I agree with the review where take-off is sluggish and 6 gears are too many - like it can't decide which gear to be in and the drive can be choppy. I complained to the dealer about the poor take-off acceleration and he said it is to save gas. It's like the car is telling ME when I should go. Very frustrating. Once it gets going over 35-40 mph, it does do very nicely, handles nice, and is relatively quiet for a small car. The turbo is great. The air conditioner has a cheapy fan sound that is inherent in Darts per the dealer, and the brakes are always squealing, which two dealers say is due to the metal they are now using, but "it helps it stop on a dime". I just have to "keep the brake dust power-washed off", which I would have to do every other day. They say it's on all cars after 2005, but I don't hear other people's car's brakes squealing as I drive. The Aero is rated at 32 mpg city and I get about 27. Not the gas savings I was expecting. As I drive stop-and-go a lot, this car is VERY frustrating to drive - I am constantly telling it to "GO!" when I give it gas from a stop and hills are worst. But, on the open road, I did get 53 avg mpg! But, I am on my 3rd check engine light since 2500 miles (car now has 4700) and they can't find the problem because of how complicated they've made everything. I would run this car off a cliff if I could. I have had Dodges for 20 years since I worked for Chrysler at one time but I'm done now. This is NOT a worthy replacement for the Neon and I wish I had my Charger back!

Average Rating : 3


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