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2015 EX w/ CVT logo 6/25/2015 ss1012

Bought 2 months ago and wanted to drive a while before I reviewed. Almost bailed at the last minute due to questions about the drivers seat comfort. I now have ~2,000 miles on it, including 4 trips over two hours. I have had no issues w/ the seats, I love the car otherwise. This is our 5th Honda (4th in a row) so I like the brand - reliable, dependable, safe, economical. I really wanted a hatch-back so compared w/ Mazda 3 Hatchback and Subaru Impreza. I liked both but went for lower cost, better mileage, and the familiarity of a Honda. This is a pleasant car to drive, esp. if you are not performance (i.e. speed, acceleration) focused. I am very happy w/ this purchase.

Favorite Feature : Magic seats (cool and utilitarian).Dash color change letting you know how economically you are driving.Options for rear configuration (hatchback and rear seats).Cargo space.Mileage (easily getting 40+ on highway, 30+ in town).Oil changes for life (but that's a dealer thing).

Suggested Improvement : Still not used to the touch screen - it took me almost a month to realize I could turn the audio off (that's on me I guess).I wish there was some storage capacity for stuff I would normally stick in the trunk - a rain jacket, sweatshirt, flares - but I will probably get a dufflebag to stick in the back w/ that stuff.Would like a power driver seat, but really this was a economic trade off - seat can be adjusted manually to maintain driver comfort.

Average Rating : 4.5


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