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2015 FIAT 500 Pop (1.4 l gas, 5 Speed Manual) logo 3/11/2015 reviewer83

Although the MSRP is $16,000, I paid $13,000 for a brand new 2015 model on Black Friday after a lot of negotiating. While the price is the best feature of this car, putting an affordable nice new car within reach of anyone at any income level, the FIAT just has so many other great qualities on top of that. It gets 40 miles per gallon on the freeway, and I average 34, including city driving, in my typical commute. It easily reaches freeway speeds and feels very safe and comfortable at 75 MPH. It has excellent handling in all circumstances. The interior was actually "designed," not "thrown together." The manual transmission is very fun to drive with, even when it's not in sport mode.

Favorite Feature : This is a nice car that is truly affordable and accessible to all, with unique features that make it fun to drive, but also practical. Driving it also feels quite safe, considering what a small car it is, and that is a very important quality if you have children. Even though it doesn't have 4 doors, I can fit my daughter's rear-facing car seat into it without too much trouble, by simply sliding the driver's seat forward to put her in, and moving it back again after her carseat clicks into it's seatbelted base. With my wife in the passenger seat, the carseat clicked into place, and 40 MPG, we don't have to be stuck at home not going anywhere on weekends, held hostage by gas prices anymore.

Suggested Improvement : I experienced a clutch pressure plate failure at only 255 miles. However, roadside assistance is included for free with the purchase of a new FIAT, so I got it home on my own, and got it towed to the dealership for free, and got the clutch replaced for free in-warranty. While that was, of course, disappointing, I was provided with a nice FIAT 500 Sport loaner car for free that was fun to drive, and now that the clutch is fixed, there have been no further issues, and the car has been very reliable. While that was a rather concerning start to get off to, I now feel very safe that this car is reliable enough to take anywhere. I wish they offered the diesel here, but the gas engine is nice.

Average Rating : 4.875


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