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2015 Ford Fusion SE 2.0 Echoboost FWD logo 7/23/2015 Mark W.

I must preface this review with the fact this is my second Ford Fusion. My first one was a 2013 with the 1.6 Echoboost. I will not go into why I got rid of that car. I will refer back to the 2013 for differences I noticed. I have had the car for 8 months and 9K miles.First, the 2.0L Echoboost is a way better engine. It has real power over the 1.6L Echoboost. While the 1.6L got 37MPG on my drives from Raleigh to Philly, the 2.0L Echoboost gets 33MPG. Around town I usually got 28MPG with the 1.6L and 24MPG with the 2.0L. When all is said and done, I would take the 2.0L every time. Besides the fact the 2.0L jumps off a stop light like a rabbit, it is significantly quieter than the 1.6L. It is possible Ford improved the engine isolation from the 2013 model but all I know is my 2.0L 2015 engine is quieter than the 1.6L I had my the 2013 model. The reason I picked the Fusion is because it just drives better than everything else I tried, Accord, Camry, Sonata, and Optima. I did not try a Mazda 6 or the Malibu. The handling is superior. The steering is tighter. The interior is quieter. It also looks better. The power adjustable passenger seat is my wife's favorite feature. She is 5 foot nothing and needed a seat cushion when she sat in the passenger seat of my 2013. Without the power height adjustment, short passengers may feel like they are sitting near the asphalt.My car has leather, Nav, sunroof, Sync, backup sensors etc... So it is pretty loaded. It does not have AWD, blind spot detection, or the 110V plug in the back.Of all the options I have that I would not do with out is the back up sensors. We live on a cul de sac where every kid in the neighborhood plays. Even with the backup camera, the sensors have made the difference between a live kid and squashed kid. I could do without the navigation. It is not very fast and map updates are ~$140. My Garmin with lifetime updates was less than one map update for my Fusions Nav and it worked better. The voice commands only seem reliable if you are driving down a very smooth road or if you are stopped. My 2013, which was noisier but seemed to do a better job of recognizing voice commands. An earlier reviewer complained the Bluetooth was the issue. I think the issue is with the mics or the mic placement. My phone synced up fine over Bluetooth and I can stream music from my phone without any issues. I have an old i-pod connected over USB and the head unit works fine controlling it. One thing I don't like are floor mats. They are useless. Go to Autozoneor Wal-Mart and get some real floor mats. I work on my cars. Changing the oil is kind of a pain, because there is a huge aero-shield under the car that you have to remove to get to oil pan. If you don't change your oil yourself, then it may not be an issue for you. Also the 2.0L takes over 5qts of oil. If you go to Jiffy Lube with a coupon, expect to fork over a couple of extra bucks for an extra quart of oil. The 1.6L took ~4qts.Like most newer cars, changing your headlight bulbs is a major project. You have to remove the whole from fascia to replace the bulbs. Lately it seems most new cars have this design issue. I have not needed to do this but I did watch the u-tube video.Once I got the car, I added mud flaps I ordered off the internet for $15. You will need to remove the tires to put them on. I also ordered a carpeted mat for the trunk for $50. I got a black mat but I wish I ordered grey. The trunk is dark and it is easy to miss, until the next day, that pound of ground beef that slipped out of the shopping bag. The leather is OK. Not as soft as what you get in a Lexus but it is easy to clean. My guess it is really leatherette, a combination of ground leather and binding agents. Still better than vinyl. My 2015 has tan leather. It cleans fairly easily. I do it once every couple of weeks with a good leather cleaner. I did prefer the black leather I had on my 2013. I did have my windows tinted, hoping that blocking as much UV radiation as I can with the hope it will help preserve the interior. The NC summer sun can cook a car. In Summary - I really like the car. Would I buy it again. Yes...and I did.

Average Rating : 5


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