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2015 GMC Canyon Early Adopters Spending Big

Motor Trend logo Motor Trend 10/1/2014 Benson Kong

If the clean-sheet-design 2015 GMC Canyon has caught your eye, but you absolutely cannot stand the thought of other Canyon customers having the same truck, then you’re best off dodging the SLT crew cab with the standard 61.7-inch bed, 3.6-liter V-6, and four-wheel drive.

The specific configuration has been popular with the new midsize truck’s earliest adopters, according to Canyon marketing manager Kenn Bakowski. This particular pickup build is as high as you can get on the Canyon totem pole short of opting for a longer 74-inch box, starting at $38,125 without options. Canyon pricing ranges from $21,880 to $38,425 across 17 possible combinations when factoring in trim, cab style, bed length, and drive wheels. Our chart below breaks down the GMC’s base price structure. 2015 GMC Canyon© Provided by MotorTrend 2015 GMC Canyon

Bakowski cautions it’s not uncommon for new vehicles to enjoy a “richer mix at start,” but there also isn’t any recent data for the sparsely populated segment that would signal a steep drop-off is waiting ahead. On the other side of the cube wall, the Chevrolet camp predicts sibling Colorado’s volume taker to be the LT crew cab with the 61.7-inch bed, V-6, and either drive layout. The rear-drive Bowtie model comes in at $29,220, with the four-wheeler nesting above it at $32,960. Colorado ranges from $20,995 to $35,290 with 19 different trucks to pick.

Approximately 75 percent of all Canyons will have the crew-sized cabins, preemptively answering the question of why there are no regular-cab Canyons, Colorados, Nissan Frontiers, or Toyota Tacomas for sale today.

Further indicating the modern Canyon consumer has more evolved tastes, Bakowski shared early take rates for two key features. Navigation ($495) is trending at around 40 percent of all orders (higher than expected) while the Driver Alert Package ($395) is chugging along at 30-35 percent (way higher than expected). The Driver Alert Package’s Forward Collision Alert would qualify Colorado/Canyon for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick+ designation, assuming they score well on the requisite crash tests (based on 2014 criteria). 2015 GMC Canyon© Provided by MotorTrend 2015 GMC Canyon

Is $38,125 a lot of cash to plop down on what passes nowadays for a “small” pickup truck? That’s relative, of course, but it’d in all likelihood pale in comparison to any forthcoming Canyon Denali (no official confirmation yet, though GMC has expressed interest).

The 17 Different 2015 GMC Canyons You Can Buy
SLExtended74.0 in2.5L I-46MRWD$21,880 -
BaseExtended74.0 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66M, 6ARWD$23,575 $1,885
BaseExtended74.0 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66A4WD$28,860 $1,235
SLEExtended74.0 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66ARWD$27,520 $1,235
SLEExtended74.0 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66A4WD$32,070 $1,235
SLTExtended74.0 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66ARWD$30,655 $1,235
SLTExtended74.0 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66A4WD$34,780 $1,235
BaseCrew61.7 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66ARWD$26,130 $1,235
BaseCrew74.0 in3.6L V-66ARWD$27,650 -
SLECrew61.7 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66ARWD$29,460 $1,235
SLECrew74.0 in3.6L V-66ARWD$30,980 -
SLECrew61.7 in3.6L V-66A4WD$34,935 -
SLECrew74.0 in3.6L V-66A4WD$35,235 -
SLTCrew61.7 in2.5L I-4, 3.6L V-66ARWD$32,575 $1,235
SLTCrew74.0 in3.6L V-66ARWD$34,595 -
SLTCrew61.7 in3.6L V-66A4WD$38,125 -
SLTCrew74.0 in3.6L V-66A4WD$38,425 -

2015 GMC Canyon© Provided by MotorTrend 2015 GMC Canyon

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