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2015 has the Shudder or Judder logo 8/20/2015 Bmacks

I just traded my 2015 Rogue for a 2015 Pathfinder because I was wanting more space and towing capabilities. After only owning the Pathfinder for a week I began to experience a Shudder or Judder at low speeds while accelerating at 25 mph. I also began to have a severe shudder when decelerating down hills or on inclines while off the accelerator or braking. It has had a computer "reprogram" and is still experiencing the problem. I am waiting for the Dealership to get more information from the NISSAN Regional tech to provide them with the next step to correct the issue. I am not very optimistic that it will be cured. I have heard of this issue with the CVT but had no issues with my Rogue so figured they had corrected it as NISSAN had claimed. I am having great remorse and now feel that I just as well had thrown my money away because I will never get a return on this vehicle between the time in the shop and the loss of value for its issues. Needless to say this may be the last NISSAN I ever buy..

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