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2015 Honda Accord Sport 6M logo 8/31/2015 Theodore Tulon, CO

Do your research. I went to Planet Honda in Denver and got an excellent price on a new Sport. My big requirement was that the car be a manual. Planet Honda was able to obtain one at a very reasonable price.I have had the car for about 2 months and have put over 5000 miles on the vehicle. I have been very happy with the car overall. I drove the car from Denver back to Rapid City the day that I purchased it and was immediately impressed with the comfort of the seats. After 6 hours of driving I was un-fatigued and not at all sore. The vehicle drove very well, although the shifter takes some getting used to. I'm not sure if it was because I was switching from a 5 speed 2007 Honda Accord or if the 6 speed is just different than most. Once I got used to it, it hasn't been an issue. The performance is quite lively, especially (and in my opinion, only) with the stick. I've been getting about what the EPA predicted for mileage, which is impressive given my exuberant driving style.The big downside to the vehicle is the lack of a decent stereo. My old Accord had an aftermarket stereo and speakers with a small subwoofer. The Sport only has a 4 speaker stereo. While it is not bad for a base stereo, I would prefer a little bit more oomph. But I imagine that it would be fine for the majority of consumers.When I was looking for a new car one of the main vehicles, aside from the Accord, was a GTI. Obviously the GTI is a quicker car and the Accord gives up a little bit of speed and sportiness. The big draw of the Accord over the GTI is the roominess of the Accord. We have a 3 year old and he had a lot more space in the back of the Accord, obviously. While we were able to get his booster seat in the GTI, I had to put it in the middle seat to provide enough leg room for him. I have several friends and coworkers who are over 6 feet tall and I have yet to hear a complaint about lack of room. It is just a very comfortable car.This is starting to ramble so I will end by saying that despite the new car smell having worn off, so to say, that I am still very much enamored with this car.

Average Rating : 5


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