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2015 Honda CRV EX-FWD logo 6/18/2015 lovemycrv3

I debated for a long time after reading reviews detailing problems with vibration during operation of this vehicle. I've owned two Honda vehicles and I still drive one with 295,000 virtually trouble free miles. Since I've had good experiences with Honda I went ahead and purchased a 2015 CRV. I love this vehicle and have had no problems with vibration. It drives as smooth as silk. I've driven it on a long trip and also short in town errands. I am so happy I didn't let issues some customers are having sway me. I couldn't be happier with it.

Favorite Feature : First of all the safety features are awesome. I feel so safe driving this vehicle with the backup camera, camera on right mirror and the split mirror on left side. It would be hard to screw up changing lanes with this CRV. I also love the smooth operation. I'm known to be a slow driver, but have to watch myself with this vehicle. If I don't use cruise or watch my speed I will be exceeding speed limit without realizing it. The interior is very nice and I get lots of compliments on looks from friends and family. I have the red one.

Suggested Improvement : The 2002 CRV with 295,000 miles that I kept had more storage in front, but it had no center console. This one has center console but only the glove compartment in front. Different but not bad. The 2002 CRV still runs great and I still drive it every day. It has become my "truck" and I haul my dogs to park every day in it.

Average Rating : 5


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