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2015 jeep Cherokee is LEMON YELLOW! logo 9/9/2015 Duke

At 4000 miles breaks began to pulsate violently. dealer had to replace brake rotors. At the time of the brake repair I had mentioned to the service Manager of the erratic shifting and hesitation, but because there were no error codes the service dept shoved it off like no big deal. 3000 miles later check engine light with again erratic shifting. At one point transmission disengaged and engine reved to 5000 RPM. Back to the dealer, replaced PCM but said it was faulty, ordered and replaced with another PCM, but service Manager said that they could not reprogramm. It has been at the Dealership now for two weeks with no cure insight. They now have Chrysler Tech group working on the problem, but they too have been unsuccessful in figuring out the problem. Makes me feel all warm a fuzzy about driving this Vehicle again if they ever get it fixed. Of course the dealership offered to get me into another Vehicle but would have to add the $3500 negative equity in my jeep to the cost of a new Vehicle. This Vehicle is a danger on the road, and the BIGGEST LEMON I HAVE EVER OWNED!!!

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