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2015 Jetta TDI S logo 4/28/2016 Mike

As some who went to school for Diesel Technology in 2009. I learned about the urea and other emission systems coming into play to reduce emissions in diesels. I've also had a desire to own a diesel since my days in the military driving MK23's, MK25's and other MK variants. I settled on the 2015 Jetta TDI S with the connectivity package as it was close to memorial day and the price had gone down 5k since looking at the car. I didn't need a high end vehicle as I now work for the railroad and the yards I drive into aren't what you would say vehicle friendly. They had what I was wanting on the lot as seen online and had the keys in hand by the end of the week.In August 2015 my wife and I drove from Northwest Indiana to Key West Florida non stop with only 3 fill ups averaging 53.6 MPG off the receipts. We averaged close to the same as well as the number of fill ups on the way back. I drive 43 miles round trip in mixed driving and have been averaging around 45.4 in the warmer months to 42.2 in the Winter months. I fill up every 2 weeks compared to an 05 Impala I had which was usually every 6 days. The price of fuel where I live is cheaper than gas so the fuel savings are greater for me. I spend the same amount now as I did when driving the Chevy albeit it with longer driving cycles. Ride comfort is excellent especially where I drive and the crummy winters we have. I've only had one warranty repair as of yet for a bolt missing from the brake caliber which came like that from the factory. As a diesel mechanic doing most of my own repairs will save me the trip of spending and arm and a leg though as I do not have all the tools need would trust my dealership to get certain jobs done right. All in all I'm satisfied with my Jetta even if lacking a few points in certain areas, which is to be expected in any vehicle.As far as the emission scandal these cars are still cleaner than their gas counterparts. With a small number of TDI drivers on the road spread throughout the US the risks of the pollution is reduced than say if they were located within the confines of San Diego. In addition NOx only accounts for less than 6% of greenhouse gases in which the last finding is from 2014 which includes the 2009-then current 2014 model years. The levels of NOx in the atmosphere as far as US stats are concerned has remained pretty constant since 1990 even with the advent of newer emission reduction devices. (All stats found on the EPA website) I will get the repair even though in Indiana we are not required to have our diesels tested, and will find a good tune to apply to gain any reductions in power or economy.

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