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2015 Jetta TDI SE 6 Speed Manual logo 4/12/2015 3angelsfly

I have about 250 miles on the car so far, so this review is my first impressions after owning it for less than a week. My previous car was 2005 Toyota Prius which was super reliable and went well over 200k miles with zero problems. I was hoping for something that still got good fuel mileage but had more power and was more fun to drive. In these respects the Jetta has been excellent. It is super quite on the road and absorbs the bumps better then my Prius. What I miss about the Prius is the full smart key system (available on Jetta SEL). Fuel economy so far according the computer is 45mpg on the first half tank of fuel. That's about 85% highway at 65-75 mph with some spirited driving.

Favorite Feature : The car is geared very well for fuel economy: 2000 RPM at about 74 mph if I recall correctly. Hill hold when taking off from an incline by pushing hard on break pedal before releasing clutch and moving to accelerator. (found this by accident, dealer did not tell me) Trunk actually opens when released with remote. Speed sensitive volume on stereo. Lots of Torque! Predicted over 600 miles range per tank (Prius range was only about 500) Large Trunk.

Suggested Improvement : -It's annoying that the ONLY way to lock the car (SE model) when leaving it is by the Key-fob. You can't even lock it with the lock button on the door as you are getting out. The upside: It impossible to lock the keys in when exciting the vehicle. -Trunk hinges come down to crunch the cargo. -I predict much of the black carpet and trim is going to look terrible when it gets old and dirty. I wish the carpet and lower plastics that get scuffed was grey. -Needs a usb port and higher res back up camera. -SE TDI model needs to offer fog lights like SE gas models.-Twice while driving I heard a buzzing in dash for about 5 seconds (a relay buzzing??) FYI: wipers and cruise control were on.

Average Rating : 3.875


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