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2015 Mazda 6 Touring logo 6/10/2015 sts_pa

I've had my 6 for 10K miles and am pretty satisfied so far. The car handles great with flat cornering and electric steering that could pass for a decent hydraulic unit. The acceleration is a bit lethargic off the line, but it has a sweet spot that allows good passing once past 20-30 mph. Beautiful design inside and out and Mazda provides allot of content for the money. Fuel economy is outstanding with around 32 mpg for my commute which is 60% 75 mph highway and 40% thick traffic. Use of regular fuel is nice, also. No rattles or issues of any sort.

Favorite Feature : Exterior design, interior design, fuel economy, handling, value, decent performance even with the automatic. Plenty of space inside and a large truck. Absolutely no issues so far.

Suggested Improvement : Mazda trades fuel economy for performance. The engine pulls fairly hard from 3000-5500, but there is not enough torque below 3000 and the automatic always tries to start in 2nd gear to save fuel. Also, engine is a bit course sounding. Ride can be stiff, which is worth it for the handling. There is above average wind noise past 70 mph or so.I might prefer a smaller, more responsive engine with a turbo, but there isn't much to improve. ALso would like to get cloth seats at this trim level vs. leatherete.

Average Rating : 4.375


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