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2015 Murano - The longer you live with it, the more you love it. logo 3/29/2015 magnumb172

Absolutely excellent machine. Nissan has achieved (what is in the Canadian market) a superb value. The fact that you can cross shop a Ford Escape and a Nissan Murano says it all. There is simply no comparison for comfort, style, size and functionality. The Murano sits on the large end of the 2 row SUV scale offering more behind the second row storage than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. An impressive feet considering the Murano looks sleek and athletic by comparison. I'm 6'4" and 38 years old, this is my wife's car and replaced a 2005 Chrysler Pacific that wouldn't die soon enough. Well good thing it held off (it threw a rod eventually) because we would have missed out on owning a great car

Favorite Feature : space, power, excellent engine transmission paring that performs better than the numbers might let on. A transmission can change the character of the engine delivering far more performance than one would expect. Well the CVT (the latest gen) pairs wonderfully and powerfully with this platform. Don't let media parrots dissuade you from looking at this car because of the often quoted "it's not sporty" or the engine "won't light anyone's fires". Try before you judge, and while it isn't a sports car, it certainly has legs. The interior is spectacular, even with 2 kids, we decided the cashmere interior would be a worthy cross to bare. We were right. A superb place to spend your time.

Suggested Improvement : I do hope they offer an update for the infotainment system. The interface and design, not to mention responsiveness is amazing, one of the best yet, but we've had a couple small bugs. Minor things, I'm sure an update is forthcoming. The Nissan Connect APP needs work...namely activating more than one APP (Google Search) which is a great app to be sure, and lightyears ahead of any Navi Search Function, so it's a great move, but the rest of the apps. Nissan, get on it. There is a world of hoped for functionality that's missing, I hope they get this sorted soon. Other than this, no other complaints so far. BTW - The emergency Braking feature and how it works with adaptive cruise is A+++

Average Rating : 4.75


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