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2015 Toyota Camry logo 7/26/2015 Muneeb

Hi People,I recently bought a 2015 Toyota Camry. I am writing this review to make you people aware of few issues/problems that I experienced in this model which could help you decide whether to buy 2015 Camry or not. Firstly, this car has vibrations especially in the wheels between 44 mph through 55 mph, so when you test drive make sure you observe the vibrations at this speed on a smooth road. Secondly, if you still want to go ahead and buy this car make sure to not have Bridgestone tires on it, as these tires magnifies the vibrations. Other than these other performance parameters are good. As per the dealers whom I spoke to get these problems fixed, in the first place they denied the problem (very disappointing). However, after 6 weeks they (dealers, as they had customers with these problems before) accepted that it's a camry design issue which they said could be mitigated by changing tires to Michelin brand, however this would not remove/settle vibrations completely. Wish someone had written about this earlier. Hope this would help you all.

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