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2015 XV Premium 2.0 w/ CVT logo 5/6/2015 sayjen

This car meets and exceeds my expectations. I am the former owner of VW, and Jeep. Former seller of Honda and Toyota. I have put 3000 miles on this car, and I am impressed. Although its not a sports car, it is incredibly fun in certain situations. Its incredibly efficient, and provides enough power for real-world driving situations. Mud, snow, and steep has performed admirably in every driving situation, so far. Interior quality is on par with any comparably-priced Honda or Toyota. Its certainly not a sports car, and its not a luxury automobile. Its a Subaru! Its practical, reliable, and in some cases, merely "good enough." Overall, this seems to be a great car! I love it.

Favorite Feature : Subaru seems to be in line with my priorites. Its an AWD car that drives and rides well, and sips gas like a fine wine. It will rumble to a trailhead, or to a river launch. The hatchback allows me to bring all of my everyday stuff, for business and pleasure. If I treat it like a baby, my highway mileage can hover around 40mpg on the XV (double-checked with a calculator), otherwise I fully expect to get 33-35mpg. In the city, I get somewhere above 26mpg, and that is with a considerable amount of idling. The interior has more features than I expected in my next car. I enjoy the rear-view camera, Bluetooth, and heated seats. The back seat is where my dog sleeps. It works.

Suggested Improvement : I don't have too many complaints. I can't think of any way that this car falls blatantly short. I could fantasize about it being a turbo, and a classy interior would be a bonus, but this car was an awesome VALUE! I don't need to speed anymore. I'm typically organized enough to avoid being in a rush. If you seek an emotional ride, I would suggest an Audi or VW ... and have fun fixing it. I've been there, done that. I am the sort that drives their car for 150,000+ miles. I hope to acquire some memories with this car, and see some sights. For me, the real fun comes when I get out of the car, and the XV seems to be a great choice for a vehicle to get me to some far out places.

Average Rating : 4.75


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