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2016 500 Miles first thoughts- logo 8/24/2015 m

After driving the 2016 SE hybrid with the 502a luxury package for 500 miles here is what I have noticed. Liked not having to get gas for the first 500 miles! Have not yet seen 44 MPG as advertised. But the computer shows a solid 40MPG. Leather seats with 502 package are comfortable. instrument gauges are laid out well and steering wheel telescopes and tilts so you can see the gauges. Door window controls are to far forward you will have to strain to reach window controls. There is a strange hump in drivers floor board that take makes it hard to get drivers left foot comfortable. Front usb charging port is hidden under arm rest and hard to get at while driving. There is another power port in front but that does not sync to infotainment system.Myford Touch is a complete mess. Response time to functionality it is lame. Smart phones maps can NOT be displayed by system. Smart phone functionally is reduced when using either usb or bluetooth to interface with system. Phone can be heard and user can be heard with car mics. The Microsoft myford touch is so out of date. The newer sync3 from blackberry again look old before its even rolled out. Why go with 2 older tech companies that are failing in the mobile market. Android iOS seem like much better choices. Bet there was a lot of free golf from microsoft and blackberry to get that contract. To bad for Ford they don't have exCar handles tight but acceleration is limited with hybrid. Car is easy to get in and out of and drivers seat can automatically scoot back to let driver in and out. Back seats are comfortable with not much leg room for adults. Trunk is ok. I tried the Honda and Toyota hybrids before purchase of the fusion SE. I found both the Honda and Toyota to be less room with less much quality in seats and comforts. Both Toyota and Honda were higher priced in my area.

Average Rating : 4


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