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2016 base model WRX logo 8/1/2015 Pearl White WRX

I went from a 2007 stage 2 STI to a bone stock 2016 WRX. During the 1st 1,000 miles it was hard to tell just how fast the WRX would end up being after break-in. The turbo spools so much faster than the STI but then I was shifting around 3k RPM. Luckily I had read many reviews about the touchy throttle, quick spool and then running out of steam around 5k RPM so I knew what to expect once I did get past the break-in. If you're looking for a dragster this is not the car for you, especially in stock form. The turbo spools very quickly and very suddenly, at 5,000-5,750 RPM there is a very noticeable dip in power and then it starts picking up again and then you have to shift. The stock tune is really my main complaint, but I understand Subaru intentionally tuned it very conservatively for longevity. It handles better than the 2007 STI without a doubt. The STI had very stiff suspension but noticeably more body roll and under steer. Where the STI could really stretch it's legs on a racetrack, the WRX really shines blasting through the canyons. With it's short gear ratios and instantaneous spool, the windier the road the better. My other critiques would be the gear shifter feel, the STI was not a smooth shifter either but the WRX is very notchy. The stock speakers and Bluetooth are not great, sometimes the stereo will refuse to connect to Pandora. The all black interior shows off every speck of dust no matter how often you clean it. The initial bite of the break peddle is not as good as the STI (but most cars aren't). The dreaded Rev hang is definitely noticeable but actually doesn't bother me at all, but it was weird at first. I know I'm way in the minority on this issue, but I think the stock exhaust is a little loud and boomy (my stage 2 STI was catted, resonated and I had the stock mufflers on it. I know, weak!) And seriously this is just nitpicking. 99% of WRX owners will replace the stock tune, shifter and bushings, add louder exhaust and upgrade the stereo. So basically all my "complaints" are extremely fixable. Now what I love about the WRX. The looks, I absolutely love this body style! The lip spoiler, the 17 inch dark grey stock rims. The interior is very well laid out and the steering wheel is awesome! It handles amazing, unbelievable for a $27k car! The fuel economy is great. The gauges and touch screen interface with the backup camera are really nice. The seats and the driving position are perfect in my opinion. The extra 2 inches of legroom in the backseat go a long way, 6+ feet tall passengers can comfortably fit back there now. The truck space and folding rear seat backs make it very practical. The outward visibility with the little split windows up front are great. Overall there is very little to dislike about the 2016 WRX base model. For a $27,000 non front wheel drive, 4 door, 6 speed manual sporty car, I couldn't find anything else I would rather have.

Average Rating : 4


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