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2016 Ford Fusion Titanium AWD w/EcoBoost logo 6/9/2015 allanp

Picked up this car @ the end of May & have to say, so far, it has lived up to past reviews; it is a TERRIFIC car in all categories. The ride, build quality, comfort, tech features, etc. - it's all on point! The interior is VERY quiet & the sound system is like having the Boston Symphony Orchestra riding along with you. I have owned MANY cars thru the years & have to say that by far, this is the best sounding system I have EVER heard; figures, with 12 speakers! The features are all customizable & you can turn on / off, the things you don't need / use. The owner's manual is quite extensive, I use it as a reference, rather than read it in its entirety! Don't walk, RUN to your dealer & get one!

Favorite Feature : Ambient lighting - you can change the colors, choices are red, green, blue, yellow and others! The ability to toggle on and off those features you don't need or control how the ones you use function, is very nice. The owner's manual is very THICK and daunting, I basically set up the car's features using common sense and some trial and error - it is really easy in retrospect. The rear camera, BLIS system, etc. are just great options to set up and use - this car offers fantastic value and reliability; there should be no "decision" other than to go out and get one - you will certainly NOT regret it!

Suggested Improvement : Simplified owner's manual and an upgrade to the "Sync" system to make it respond faster to commands (an ongoing complaint) but not a deal-breaker by ANY stretch of the imagination! Nothing else comes to mind at the moment - this is simply a great, affordable car!

Average Rating : 5


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