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2016 Fusion SE logo 8/28/2015 Don L.

The 1st Fusion I bought new was the 2010 SEL and the car never gave me a issue 1 in 130,000 miles. I used it to commute back and forth to work 100 plus miles a day. Kept the oil changed when the car said to change it at 0% on the oil life tracking meter.Traded it for a 2016 Fusion SE and it will do the commute as the old one did 100 miles plus per day. I thought the trading-in value was very poor on my the 2010 since it was in excellent condition with not even a door ding, but you know the dealers always screw you on your trade anyway. I went ahead and traded up for the 2016 Fusion since Ford was advertising 0% for 72 months cause can't beat 0% interest. If the 2016 is as good as the 2010 model then I'll be back for another review in about 5 years. My old Fusion was a excellent car and the over all mpg on the 2010 all highway driving at 65 to 75 mph was 28.7 to 30.7. So far only have 1000 miles on the new 2016 and it is at 32.2 mpg so far as of this morning, so a little better than the old model. Hope it is as good a Fusion as my 2010 was.

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