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2016 Kia Rio - Too Little, Too Much logo 6/17/2016 gary knott

1. The electronic odemeter/etc. is too cluttered. I prefer one place for one "output", not "multi-use", and clairity. We need a separate "boxed" odemeter display, etc. Also there is a large gear-shift "suggestion" that needs to be tamed and put in a corner of the instrument display area, and I'd also like a notification of what gear I'm in, with the shift suggestion appearing as a smaller digit with an up or down arrow. 2. Tire pressure sensors are great, but tell me the actual pressures when I ask. Also, tell me real coolant temps, not just H/C. 3. An builtin outside temp and compass above the rear-view mirror would be nice. As would making the rear-view mirror wider. 4. I like having keyed doors and trunk. 5. The radio/clock etc panel similarly needs to be much less "multi-function". Provide a little real-estate for each output (time. radio frequency) and keep it there all the time. (time always, radio state when the radio is on, etc.) You can tell I'm an opinionated interface designer. 6. The car is a bit too noisy with respect to both engine and road noise. 7. you can hear the valves tapping when standing outside by the hood. 8. The acceleration is poor. 9. The car is long enough, but too narrow, widen it by 6 inches; each front passenger gets 3 more inches. 10. put rubber fill-in "cord" around the rear window. 11. The manual transmission shifts smoothly. 12. The AC controls have a weird automatic state when temp control is set to max "blue" that overrides all the other controls, recirc, etc. - Maybe give that state a separate notch on the temp control labeled MaxAC. 13. The radio needs a bit more DX (distance tuning ability.) 14. We want cruise-control with the manual trans. car! 14. The pillars and seat headrests and small rearview mirror make blindspots for cars coming alongside; this is hard to deal with.

Average Rating : 3


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