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2016 RAV 4 LE FWD logo 6/17/2016 CFT

I have had this car a month today and it just reached 1,000 miles and I am overall very happy with it. The acceleration is great especially since I just traded in a 2005 Toyota highlander with a V6 figuring that I would have some adjustments to make. The interior is overall spacious and comfortable but yet it does feel a bit cheap. The carpet in the floor board and a bit too much plastic looking in the interior. I would imagine over time with a family it may start to look a bit banged up but it is just me so hardly anyone will ever sit in the back seat. The rims are nice and sporting looking but are plastic and I wonder how they will hold up especially since I keep a car for a long time. A bad safety feature is when you put the it in park all doors seem to unlock instead of just drivers door. Over all do recommend for sporty styling and comfortable ride.

Average Rating : 4


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