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2016 Subaru Forester a Disappointment logo 4/29/2016 Vicki S.

The new Subaru Forester is not an improvement over previous year models. I had this as a courtesy car for 3 days, so it went on my 45 mile each way work commute which takes me across small neighborhood roads as well as the majors and the turnpike, so all kinds of driving. I noticed right away that the interior has some line of sight problems. The side windows are junked up with fake little triangle windows near the front corners, so that the reflection of the interior is plainly visible in the window when you are trying to look at the side rear view mirrors. When trying to adjust the rear view mirror to see out the back and sides of the vehicle I accidently hit the on-star emergency button and was promptly given a call. These small 911 butons turned out to be right above where I put my hand to bring the RW mirror to my height, so rotating the mirror down brought my knuckles into contact witthe call buttons. Behind me, in the way of seeing to traffic, were the seat belt line from the back cargo area to the center back seat, and all 3 headrests also blocked my view. The back of the car supplies large corner blind spots so that there is no adjustment that lets you see cars coming from behind you right or left. I never achieved a position that alieviated the sight problems, and could not find the knob to adjust the outside view mirrors.The seats are made of a shiny cover material so I was unsteady and sliding off them, these are "cloth" seats, I think, that also had a heated feature with controls front and down on the center console. The seats are supposed to be buckets, but are so uncomfortable, stiff and slippery that it was more like a personal bench seat. The dials and knobs on the radio and heat are cheap shiny silver plastic that really feel and look rather low class. The dashboard is still the sticky soft fake leather that I had in my 2008 Outback and already sported a layer of fuzz and dust that I know from experience cannot be removed. The feel of the ride, compared to my old Outback that needs struts, was just as bouncy and all over the road as my 08, so maybe I don't need that strut job afterall. The Forester has LOTS of headroom, and a moonroof, but the front dash seemed all wrong, nothing was near enough for me to be able to use it easily or without stretching and craning. Acceleration was awful in that it jerked around, although I am willing to say that maybe that was me not being able to find a comfortable seating position. In slow and go traffic I had trouble keeping it completely straight on, and there was a little audio buzzer on the dash to tell me each time I strayed close to my lane line and yet nothing to tell me when other people were coming into my lane. Climate controls were hard to figure out -- remember this coming from an Outback owner. Maybe a larger person than myself would appreciate the shape of this car, but for someone 5 feet 5" this car was too big and uncomfortable. When it comes time to replace my 08 Outback I will be looking at something that does not put me in a 4 wheel skyscraper. I thought it was good on gas, maybe because it has a larger tank than my Outback. But it would also be too tall for me to load my kayak as I am used to doing.

Average Rating : 2


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