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2016 SXL with TechPackage. logo 4/7/2015 samiv

CONTEXT: Husband/Wife in the market for 1 year | Previously owned 2 gens of Durangos | | We're mid 40s | 1 dog | value: comfort, safety, reliability, styling | Our other car is a '12 Merc E350.COMPARED: (over 1 year): Buick (heavy, boat-y drive), Highlander (perfect features, HORRIBLE boaty drive), VW Tourag (great drive, way over priced), Jeep GC (decent drive, great features, overpriced), Infinity Q (this was our 2nd choice; it lost out based on drive quality)....and 5 others. EXPERIENCE: We've had it only 3 weeks: Taken onto beach (sand, up steep hills; no traction loss), local mountain roads (handled great!), to work; -44 mile commute (PRISTINE comfort!!), DateNight (Luxury!)

Favorite Feature : 1. Dynamic C-Control; flawless on beach trip (40 miles away, around hills, through rain) and work commute 2. Panoramic moon roof; what can we say...awesome. 3. Acceleration. My wife is big on being able to "accelerate on freeway" and "merge in front of other cars". She doesn't go over 80, but HATES underpowered vehicles that can't merge. We noticed little if any difference between the Turbo and V6. The only vehicle we tested that we NOTICED accelerated better were the obvious (BMW, AUDI). The VW was the same, the others we tested were SLOWER. 4. Comfort: This is the perfect date-night vehicle. Soft leather, panorama roof, and large stylish display and console. 5. SURROUND VIEW Camera

Suggested Improvement : We LOVED everything about UVO ( going on about what we love); highly intuitive, pairs instantly, great sound, intuitive GPS and MAPS on par with Mercedes COMMAND.SUGGESTION: Ring-tones for incoming CellCalls are "annoying"; i suppose Gen Y or Millenials may like them. There is an option to use your CellPhone ringtones but I cannot get that to work. The workaround was to silence the ringtone which is fine.In all fairness, a review after 3 weeks (it's a 2016) is bias; we'll look to do another in a few months. For now...hands down, couldn't be more pleased; we happily drive past BMW, Audi, Jeep GrandCherokee, LandRover, with zero envy, and (IMHO) better than all but the BMW.

Average Rating : 5


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