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2016 WRX base model w/ Short Shifter & Mirror pkg logo 4/27/2016 Mark Leestma

Alot of value for the dollar based on safety rating, design, power, performance, interior room and knowledge of our sales rep at AV Subaru in Lancaster. This is a sporty car so a short shifter is a must but confirm that it is installed at the port not the dealer. Installers at the port are more experienced and specialized vs the dealer plus it avoids the labor cost of installing at the dealer. The window stickers usually don't show the accessories added from the port and are typed in from the dealer. Request the document from the port to show what accessories are included. If they don't, walk out. Tried to get a military discount but usually the manufacturer doesn't provide them for the nicer more popular cars. However if you are in the military, you can ask the dealer to help. If so, the extended warranty can be greatly reduced. I went with the 6 year 100,000 mile extended warranty with a $100 deductible. Normally $3,500 for the WRX. Military discount dropped the cost to $1,600.00. Also, the actual overall gas mileage is higher than what is published on the window sticker based on normal driving.

Average Rating : 5


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