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2017 Audi A4 Prestige Quattro AWD 4Dr logo 4/27/2016 FWC

The new A4 design is a redesigned automobile based somewhat on the Audi Q7 cabinet. Audi was smart enough to keep somewhat of the same exterior design. They were smart enough to add technology to the interior cabinet in place of big outside body changes. With that said, the inside cabinet has totally changed - for the BETTER. There is more room and comfort, better placement of hand controls, a well-placed cup holder, and three very smart user display areas across the center console, driver dashboard, and windshield . Compared to the previous model, it is a comfortable rocketship with added safely technology and conveniences surrounding the entire cabinet, including the heated back seats. The only big drawback is the Apple CarPlay needs to be connected via a cable and not via wireless bluetooth. Yes, we are Apple iPhone users. Another concern is BMW, Mercedes, and other car manufacturers moving away from Apple, since they are supposedly building their own car line. My questions are: will Audi stay up-to-date with Apple upgrades and changes, or move away? And even if they stay with Apple or Android, can these new designs - Apple CarPlay and their GPS accept a software upgrade? In regards to the new A4, I would recommend it. The changes are enough to get me to the showroom. Hats off to the online marketing department. In regard to price, it is pricer with all the new option stuff. In closing, I will probably buy one in June because my wife loves her A4, I love her, and it's time to trade up. Good luck with the car hunting!

Average Rating : 5


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