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2017 XC90 T6 Inscription - 6 weeks into Ownership logo 8/17/2016 Mike

One of the irritations I have is the disconnect between the 2017 Owner's manual and Volvo's support. They list functions in the manual that just flat out are not there nor are available. Seems somewhat dishonest to me. For example, Volvo lists how to use the egress / ingress function for getting out of the SUV and into the SUV. However, when I contacted Volvo, they said this function is not available, never has been and maybe under development as a future software upgrade. Not sure how they can put the option in print when they don't even have it developed. Second example is the manual shows a 110v outlet in the center console for passengers in the 2nd row to plug in devices. However, that was only available in their 2016 model, again, according to the email I got from Volvo. However, the manual is titled "2017 XC90". I have found two other functions that are not available in the XC90 US model but available in Canada. One would think they would have defined that better up front. Thus, owners beware, Volvo isn't totally honest in what is / is not available in the 2017 T6 in the US. As for the car itself. I didn't get the 4 corner suspension (I ordered it but for some reason (either dealer or Volvo error) it didn't come with it. However, the ride is comfortable and about the same as in our 2011 Chrysler Town and Country. Gas mileage is ok, I'm averaging around 22 mostly in town. Best gas mileage is in cursing mode. It really sucks the gas when taking off and probably is where it falls short a little. Does have some great safety features but also falls short. For example, the lane assist where it is to alert you if you drift to far left or right, is not reliable. There are times when it should have alerted but easily let me cross the center line either having no notification or late in notifying me. Hence a head-on-collision would have already taken place. My 2014 GMC 1500 truck has the same feature and works perfectly all the time. Not sure why a $75,000 vehicle doesn't have the same accuracy. Pilot assist works as designed. As long as the lane markings can be identified, it does auto steer the car up to 80 mph. You do have to interact with the steering wheel every 30 -45 secs however or it will auto disengage. The scary part is that there are times when the system, apparently, looses the ability to see the lane markings and just disengages without any warning to the driver. I would think, again, for this high end vehicle, it should alarm if the system is disengaging. Thank goodness I have not had to test the auto braking if a car turns in front or to avoid a rear end collision. I'm assuming it will work when required. The active cruise adapter works well and you can set the distance (actually set the secs) within which you want the car to adjust the speed based on the car in front. The seats are very comfortable but getting in and out of the vehicle is difficult unless you retract and lower the seat. I'm 5' 10" and if I don't lower the seat all the way done, I will hit my head getting out. Climate controls work well as do the ventilated / heated seats. 2nd row seating is about as comfortable as in other vehicles. 3rd row quite frankly is limited to children. Very difficult for adults to get in and out of the back. Not adult friendly. As with reviews of the 2016 model the lack of USB ports is a glaring deficiency in a high vehicle in this price group. Overall, I'm happy with the vehicle but would I buy it again, I don't know. I would look closer at the new 2017 Mercedes I think.

Average Rating : 4


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