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213,000 miles and still going logo 3/17/2015 Micky Hardy

I purchased this car used just this year. It is the 2006 model, with just over 200 k miles- Purchased from lexus dealer whom it was traded to from the original owner. I think this car is so slick and still going strong because the owner always had it serviced @ lexus and they were able to resolve anything during the first initial years. I did have it sputter on idle twice, but just gave it a little gas and it was fine. Car feels like it is glued to the road and in snow and ice/blizzard conditions- the AWD didnt even slip. It's a bit tight on the inside for my 6'2 frame- but i feel like im in a racecar so it's all good. No car manufacturer makes a perfect car. but toyota hasn't failed me

Favorite Feature : Looks good (most important!)Reliable (so far 2 213k miles)

Suggested Improvement : small interior- tuff for tall peoplethis car has gotten a bad rap- i love it so far though- haters gonna hate!

Average Rating : 4.625


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