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215k miles and still going strong! logo 7/6/2016 blahblah83

I have had my 2002 XL7 for nearly 10 years now. Second Owner. I have gone from 91k miles up to 215k and it's still running like a champ despite my lack of consistent maintenance. I've gone through all the normal stuff like tires, breaks, batteries, windshield wipers, headlights, oil changes and have very few complaints. 1 - not quite enough space for a rear-facing infant carrier. I have to pull up the passenger front seat to the point where only a small adult would be able to sit comfortably. I'm 5'7" and can't sit as a passenger up front with a rear facing infant seat in the vehicle. 2 - I've got a bit of an oil leak and lose about 2 qts a month. 3 - my fuel economy has dropped to an average of 13-15 mpg regardless of city or highway miles. BUT THAT'S IT. Everything else about this vehicle has been amazing. It handles more like a car but after putting a tow hitch on myself (ridiculously super easy by the way to do so) I've been able to tow trailers and even drift boats without any issues. My XL7 handles well on both sand and even pebbly river banks (with a trailer even). It handles well in the snow and even ice, though I would suggest adding a few sandbags for extra weight when there is ice on the road for more than a day. It's a great height for transporting both kids and dogs as both can easily climb in and out on their own. There are child LATCHes which make it easy for child car-seats, booster-seats, and infant carriers to be snapped in and secured quickly. Overall, I have been thoroughly impressed and VERY PLEASED with my XL7. Like I said 215k miles and still going strong!

Average Rating : 4


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