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221,000 miles 2004 Nissan Murano logo 4/28/2016 LTR

I purchased my car in 2006 from dealer? Great car at first until 100k milesOil pan leakReplaced o-ring and seal twicePlastic tabs kept coming out from underneath carTires didn't last longAfter 150kCV joint and axle rods replacedBack right window sticks intermittently ABS light stays onAfter 200k miles, everything was goingFront drivers seat bracket broke, causing seat to slant. Had it welded and seat put back, power seat mechanism slips slightlyReplaced radiatorReplaced power steering partsNow, the car is hard pressed to go over 40mph uphill. When going over 50, drives smoothly, but unsure what the cause is...catalytic converter, fuel pump, fuel injectors, or spark plugs.All of which is costly because of the placement of parts under the engine.It has been a great car but would recommend selling around 100k milesParts are expensive!

Average Rating : 4


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