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230K, and wont stop! logo 7/30/2015 Adam Simmons

I bought this car as a sensible break from my usual buying habit of things small, German, and fast. I bought it from a little old lady who's family were taking the keys from her hand. The price of the car was peanuts, but this in no way reflected on the quality of the car. It had been well taken care of. I'm amazed that a car with almost a quarter million miles on it can glide down the road, accelerating with ample power comparable to modern cars, while shifting almost undetectably. This is a magical car.The styling in the modern eye is completely milktoast. Ive found that this is because the lines and cues of this car have been so heavily sampled by other makes, that it blends into the background. You look like everyone when everyone wants to look like you.

Average Rating : 5


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