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233K Miles and Still Running Like a Champ! logo 8/14/2015 DJwazlo

I purchased our 04' Chevy Tahoe new from the Chevy dealer in 2004 as our daily driver family car and let me tell you, it gets driven every day. It is the base model with cloth interior. Sticker price at the time was $38K. It is now 2015 and we have put over 233,000 miles on this same vehicle and it is still running like a champ with no mechanical issues what so ever. Praise GOD! The only issues we have had are the instrument cluster gauge went out at about 150K miles, which is typical with GM vehicles, and the A/C blower was replaced at around 180K miles. That is it. We have not had any engine or transmission problems of any kind. And to be quite honest we have never had the transmission service done ever on the vehicle like the dealer recommends, just routine oil changes about every 5K - 7K miles, sometimes we have even gone as far as 10K - 12K miles before the next oil change. Just check the fluid levels , (oil, Transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid) from time to time and that is it. Needless to say I will be getting another Chevy Tahoe when the time comes, my goal is to get 500K miles out of this wonderful 04 Tahoe before that day comes. :)

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