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235,000 miles logo 8/23/2015 Shandu

There is a common electrical issue. From the first 3000 miles there was a short in the radio meaning, when it get hot the sound would skip like a turn table skipping. The XM radio, CD player, AM/FM and DVD player sound would skip. Took it to several dealership from Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester Acura. No one could find the reason, each saying to return the car at the time that the sound is skipping. Replace the first battery within one year. Twice the battery was dead within six months. Second time, dealer replace under warranty. Third time, the discharge of the battery even though the vehicle was off cause my a/c compressor to blow. The dealer said that the unit was drawing power even though it was off. The pressure build to the point where it cause the unit to blow. Dealer replace the battery and the A/C relay. Also the constant drain on the battery which maybe linked to the HLF/blue tooth system. I had to disconnect the HLF/blue took system. Gas mileage is very weak. Average about 15 miles per gallon on high way, due to heavy foot. Keep in mind I travel at least 160 miles per day. Yes, gas prices are high but I love my MDX. It corners like a dream at 65-70 mph on a curvy two lane country road. I am 6'1" and sit very well In my captain seat. The second row is hard to move forward for rear entry into the third row. Michelin Tires are the best so far in terms of gas saving and road noise. Have changed the following, tire road, oil plan, a/c relay switch, 3 battery on my fourth. Wanted to be the owner who reaches over 500,000 miles but it will be expensive.

Average Rating : 3


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